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How to remover Eyelashes Extensions at Home

Naturally, the best and the least damaging way to get rid of the remaining lash extensions is to wait until they fall off naturally. But as we know that many people cannot bear the waiting time, so here are some ideas for how to remove eyelash extensions at home.


 DIY methods

                                        Basically, do everything your lash technician typically told you not to do!

Use natural oil or oil-based makeup remover

Rub your lash extensions gently with some natural oil like coconut oil or oil-based makeup remover to weaken the bond. Make sure that the oil doesn’t get into your eyes. Rinse the oil off with lash foam afterward.


Remember when your lash tech advised you NOT to go to the sauna?

It’s because excess humidity and temperature will weaken the bond of lash extensions. Now it's time to break that rule!

Take a steam facial bath at home or place a hot towel over the lash extensions to weaken the bond. Again, be patient, and DO NOT PULL the lashes.


What you should NOT DO

DO NOT USE professional lash extension remover ON YOURSELF.

Professional eyelash extension remover is formulated with very strong glue-dissolving materials, and it can be hazardous if it gets into your eyes. That’s why it should only be used by the hand of professionals.

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