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age spots removal

  • Hyperpigmentation                           Keloids

  • Flat Age Spots                                  Flat Skin Tags     

  • Solar Keratosis                                 Permanent Make Up  

  • Warts                                                 Large Fibromas

Cryotherapy is an old art and is being revived to effectively treat many of the aforementioned nimor skin lesions. In contrast to heat therapy, skin lesions are frozen with the use of nitous oxide (N2O). Healing is excellent without scarring. Cryotherapy utilizes destructuion occuring from -195.8 decress Cesius with tissue destruction occurring from -30 degress Celsius onwards. It is well tolerated be the client with very little descomfort during the treatment.


Many physicians use large container of liquid nitrogen under pressure and the liquid nitrogen is trasferred to the skin with a cotton applicator stick tofreeze wart, seborrheic keratoses, actinic keratoses and other superficial skin growths. However, during its trasfer from the container to the skin, the liquid nitrogen loses pressure this losing effectiveness, so it must be constantly re-applied, often relting in an excessive amount used which sometimes leads to scarring.


The latest device in cryotherapy is a new microtechnology called the CryoProbe. This device is what we use for our clients. Liquied nitrogen in the form of nitrous oxide is encased in a cartridge from and contained in a pen-like device that delivers the nitrous oxide directrly on the skin's surface at a costant pressure. The CryoPorbe destroys cellular tissue (epidermis) within three seconds but does not destroy the fibrous tissue (the dermis). Therefore is is a safe non-invasive treatment for most skin lesions such as warts, keratoses telangiestasia, fibromass and even hyperpigmentation on darker skinned individuals.

A darkened blister forms within 3 weeks after treatment and the skin lesion gradually disappears as the dead skin peels wawy.


It should be noted that results are much slower in skin types III to VI since theri skin tend to hyperpigment very easily and therefores will take longe to heal.


cryotherapy, age spot, wart, ski tags, brown pigmentation, acne, scars
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